Public Records Requests


It is the policy of this Office to comply, promptly and completely (as much as practical), with Ohio Revised Code 149.43 concerning Public Records and access to them.


The Sheriff or in his absence, the Chief Deputy, Road Patrol Deputy Sheriff Captain, Jail Administrator, E-911 Coordinator, or the Sheriff’s Administrative Assistant, in cooperation with the County Prosecutor (for complicated, complex or unusual requests) shall:

  1. Prepare and/or make available for inspection to any person, during the hours that the Paulding County Courthouse is open for business all Public Records, subject to Section 2.
  2. A person who is incarcerated pursuant to a criminal conviction or a juvenile adjudication is not permitted to inspect or receive copies of any Public Record concerning a criminal investigation or prosecution or concerning what would be a criminal investigation or prosecution if the subject of the investigation or prosecution were an adult, unless the request to inspect or obtain a copy of the Public Record is for the purpose of acquiring information that is subject to release as a Public Record under Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43 and the Judge who imposed the sentence or made the adjudication with respect to the person, or the Judge’s successor in office, finds that the information sought in the Public Record is necessary to support what appears to be a justifiable claim of the person.
  3. A person may receive copies of Public Records, at actual cost ($.05 per page of copy paper, other mediums to be decided on a cost basis at time of preparation), paid in advance of delivery. Copies shall be either duplicated on paper or upon the same medium as upon which the record is kept, at the requesting person’s option. These copies shall be made and furnished within a reasonable time. The number of Public Records that may be copied to any one person, in any calendar month, is limited to ten (10). If the requesting person certifies in writing that he or she doesn’t intend to use or forward for commercial purposes the requested Public Records or information contained in them, then they may make unlimited requests subject to Ohio Revised Code 149.43.
  4. Requests for Public Records access or copies should be directed to the Sheriff. It should preferably be in writing, only to avoid mistakes. The request should contain a contact telephone number or address for the person requesting access or copies, so that the Sheriff or his representative can contact them to make arrangements for the access or copies.

Policy A-25 – Effective 2/14/01