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Sheriff Deputies

Sheriff Landers commissions 15 full-time deputies, 2 supervisors and 2 police dogs, who provide services 24/7 to the citizens of the county and the travelers passing through.  Out of those deputies, 1 is assigned to plain clothes investigations, 1 is assigned to D.A.R.E., 3 are assigned to courthouse security, and 1 is appointed to the Dog Warden position which is an employee of the Commissioners, but managed by the Sheriff.

Sheriff Deputies’ duties include investigating traffic crashes, enforcing traffic laws, investigating crimes such as thefts, burglaries, domestic disputes, assaults and computer related crimes.

Deputies also assist our three courts by serving court papers such as subpoenas, summons, warrants and writs.  The deputies follow law that regulates their authority and jurisdiction as written in Ohio Revised Code 311 et al., much of which has remained unchanged since the early 1950’s.

It is the primary responsibility of the road patrol to focus on the rural and unincorporated villages and townships that do not have full-time peace officers.  With that said, deputy sheriffs have county-wide jurisdiction and do assist the various police departments upon request.

Deputies receive Continuing Professional Training (CPT) each year which is mandated by the Ohio Police Officer Training Commission (OPOTC).  As situations involving law enforcement across the country transpire, the training requirements OPOTC sets tend to increase.  In 2014 and 2015, all peace officers in the State of Ohio were required to have 4 hours of CPT.  In 2016, the mandatory CPT requirement was 11 hours per officer in the State.  In 2017, the CPT increased to 20 hours per peace officer.

The CPT could be a burden on each agency’s operating budget.  However, there is a reimbursement system in place through OPOTC to offset some of the cost associated with the mandatory training. The Ohio Attorney General’s Office also maintains a website (eOPOTA) for law enforcement officers to access on-line training 24 hours a day at the officer’s own pace.  This training is free and does meet the mandatory requirements set by OPOTC.

All law enforcement officers in the State of Ohio must also qualify with a firearm at least once per year.  The qualification standard is set by OPOTC, and can only be instructed by a certified OPOTA instructor.

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Road Patrol Lieutenant Brandon Manz

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The Road Patrol Lieutenant is a working supervisor who oversees the second and third shift deputies.  He serves as the first line supervisor and reports to the Chief Deputy.  Lieutenant Manz is a certified firearms instructor through the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy.  Overseeing the Reserve Deputy program is one of his assignments, as well as commanding the Special Response Team.