Courthouse Security

In April, 2016, the question of safety and security at the Paulding County Courthouse was a topic of discussion.  At that time there were six unmanned entrances to the building.  Response time to a call from the county offices or courts depended on the location of a working road deputy.

On May 2, 2016, a decision to secure all entrances, except the east door, was made.  A metal detector was installed allowing visitors be checked for weapons  and receive any needed assistance.    In July, 2016, a second sheriff deputy was stationed in the courthouse to assist with added duties–registrations and background checks.

All registered Paulding County arson and sex offenders are monitored by the courthouse security sheriff deputies.  Electronic FBI and BCI fingerprinting is done at the courthouse, along with issuing and renewing concealed handgun permits.  Ink fingerprinting can also be done at the courthouse.

In addition to security measures and background checks, courthouse security sheriff deputies assist with transporting inmates to and from court appearances, medical appointments and state prisons transportation.

Captain Dave Cline

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The courthouse security/prisoner transport captain is a working supervisor overseeing security operations at the Paulding County Courthouse.  Captain Cline arranges and oversees all prisoner transports utilizing full-time sheriff deputies and reserve deputies to assist.  He oversees the verification of all sex and arson offenders and issuance of concealed handgun permits for Paulding County.  Captain Cline serves as a first line supervisor and reports to the Chief Deputy.