In November, 2016, voters passed a five year 1.35 mill levy for the re-opening of the jail as a full service facility.  In June, 2017 inmates were gradually transported from where they were being out-housed in the Putnam County Jail.  Prior to this time, the jail operated as a 6-hour temporary holding facility and all county inmates were housed out of county after closing on November 20, 2008.

The jail is equipped to house up to 52 inmates, 8 females and 40 males and 4 cells available for solitary confinement.  Staff responsibilities include conducting pre-book health screenings, booking, fingerprinting, photographing and ensuring safety and security of the inmates.

Jail staff maintains files and booking records of all inmates and is responsible for invoicing billable expenses.

Annual Awards

Captain Chris Dilling

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Captain Dilling is a Jail Administrator who oversees all operations of the jail while managing all staff members.  His three Sergeants assist with these responsibilities including preparing schedules and overseeing the Correctional Officers. He reports to the Sheriff regarding the jail operations and all of its financial and budgetary aspects.

Jail Sergeants

The Paulding County Jail currently has three sergeants supervising Correction Officers while working along with them.  All Sergeants report to the Captain/Jail Administrator.

Correction Officers

Ten Full-Time Correction Officers along with Part-Time Officers oversee all inmates 24/7.  All officers are required to successfully complete a six week course to earn their certification.   Along with other responsibilities, these officers are in contact with the inmates delivering meals, escorting them to and from their dorm, providing commissary items, ensuring necessary medical attention, conducting visitation operations while keeping their safety and security a priority.

Full-Time Corrections Officer Jessie Logan

Full-Time Corrections Officer Darrick Crochran, Sr.

Part-Time Cook Shelley Newsome

Part-Time Cook Patsy Dunderman

Part-Time Corrections Officer Amanda Sauber

Part-Time Corrections Officer    Kara Sherry

Part-Time Corrections Officer Isaiah Rittenhouse

Part-Time Corrections Officer David Sherry

Part-Time Corrections Officer Zachary Lockhart

Part-Time Corrections Officer Sarah Halter