Scam Information

Unfortunately, professional scam operations are a growing problem in today’s society. We have found there are people who prey on our citizens for the purpose of trying to benefit financially. We believe the subjects behind these operations concentrate their efforts around elderly folks. It is believed that elderly folks will spend less time, if any at all, in trying to legitimize the requests for personal information or account information, which is the center of what the con artists are looking for.

Good common sense goes a long way with these scam artists. Always keep in mind one of the greatest sayings ever; IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!

There is very little, if anything at all, that law enforcement can do once you have given your personal information to these con artists. Don’t hesitate to contact your local law enforcement agency to report suspicious activity. The majority of the time these scams originate from foreign countries, and that limits (or stops) what we can do with our investigation. However, we will always document your specific case details upon your request.

Here are some examples of scams that have been reported in our area:

  • If someone emails you a letter that is poorly written and the sender is from a foreign country, they will tell you that you are the recipient of a large amount of cash. All you have to do is contact them via email with your personal information and bank account information and they will place the money in your account. THIS IS A SCAM
  • Replace the previous scenario with a phone call. All the same points apply. THIS IS A SCAM
  • If a person wants to send you a check/money order and directs you to cash it and keep a small percentage, but wire the balance to a certain account oversees. You are cashing a forged document and can be held responsible. THIS IS A SCAM
  • You receive a phone call stating you have a relative in jail. The person requests you send bond money right away via credit card. They will coerce you to do this, and even give you directions as to how to wire your funds to a certain account. THIS IS A SCAM
  • Someone may stop at your house claiming to be a work crew wanting to do work outside your home. One person will take you away from your door and act like they want to do work for you, while another person enters your home and steals from you. This typically happens to the elderly. ALWAYS SUSPECT PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT WANT TO DO WORK FOR YOU, PARTICULARLY WHEN YOU NEVER CALLED OR DON’T NEED ANY WORK DONE.