Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver is a program that assists caregivers with locating loved ones with the use of technology who wander off due to Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down Syndrome, and other cognitive disorders that cause wandering. Enrolled participants wear a radio transmitter, and in the unfortunate event wander off, trained personnel from the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office, armed with receivers, report to the last known location to begin a search. With over 2,700 rescues worldwide, and an average recovery rate of 30 minutes, the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office is confident in its partnership with Project Lifesaver will live up to its motto “Bringing Loved Ones Home”.


Who can enroll in Project Lifesaver?

Any child or adult who has been medically diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down Syndrome, and other cognitive brain disorders that cause wandering, along with the following;

  • Lives in Paulding County.
  • Has wandered away previously.
  • Has a 24 hour caregiver such as family member or friend.
  • Able to wear a bracelet 24 hours a day.
  • Has a caregiver who can check the bracelet’s batteries and keep a daily log.

For information on enrolling a loved one, contact Paulding County’s Project Lifesaver Coordinator, Captain David W. Cline at (419) 399-8286 or by emailing