The Paulding County Sheriff Office is responsible for all dispatching services for Paulding County including its Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement agencies.

Paulding County currently employs five full-time and two part-time Communication Officers. Each officer must complete an intensive in-house training regimen and receives additional specialized training in various dispatch related concerns.

Communications Officers handle approximately 100 calls during an average 24-hour period. There have been 911 emergencies when the Officers have received as many as 100 calls in just 30 minutes.

Along with dispatching, Communication Officers complete reports, process paper service and warrants received from the Courts in Paulding County and other counties.

911 Supervisor Lieutenant Matt McDougall

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The Sheriff appoints a 911 Coordinator to manage the Communication Officers and all dispatching/911 equipment and operations. The Coordinator maintains the county’s 911 service and keeps its office current with new technology.