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David Bash
David BashPaulding County Dog Warden

Paulding County Dog Warden David Bash

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David Bash was appointed Paulding County Dog Warden by the County Commissioners effective March 16, 2020.  This position is under the supervision of the Paulding County Sheriff Jason K. Landers.

Paulding County Dog Kennel is funded primarily by dog licensing fees.  Dog tags can be purchased at the Paulding County Auditor’s Office, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Visit their website for more information on fees, deadlines and on-line dog licensing.

The county’s kennel also receives support from community volunteers and organizations.  In April, 2015, Friends of the Paulding County Dog Kennel hosted their first fundraiser called “Paws for a Cause.”  The designer purse bingo event raised over $11,000 to be used for shelter dogs’ medical care, transport assistance and other miscellaneous needs.

The Paulding County Dog Kennel is located at 13387 U.S. 127, Paulding (mailing address below).  In 2022, 104 dogs passed thru the county dog kennel and 57 dogs were adopted and 40 dogs were returned to their owner.  Five dogs were rescued (taken to humane shelter), 1 dog was fostered and another dog crossed the rainbow bridge.  All are encouraged to visit the Kennel’s Facebook  to locate a missing dog or check out the ones up for adoption.

NOTE:  Mailing address is:  c/o Paulding County Sheriff’s Office, 500 East Perry Street, Paulding, Ohio  45879

Dog Warden David Bash has filled the duties of an Assistant Dog Warden with several volunteers at the Paulding County Dog Kennel.

These volunteers coordinate their schedules to check the kennel during off-hours, ensuring the dogs are exercised, kennels cleaned and whatever is needed.  With everyone’s cooperation, it has been working great.

Thank you to those Paulding County residents for making a difference!